"Kleppinger's Adeline is also grand... she glows with the rouge and lipstick. She's as chirpy as a sparrow, suave, elegant. Everything will be fine, she says in silky tones, with just enough of a hitch in her voice that you wonder if she believes her own words." - Adeline's Play

"Kleppinger is a standout again, showing off her versatility as Jane's staid but sexy therapist." - In the Company of Jane Doe

"Kleppinger is terrific as the ever-cheerful Rebecca-of-Sonnybrook-Farm Adeline. When the façade finally starts to crack, you can see the real person behind the ever-present smile. It's a poignant performance." - Adeline's Play


"A character-driven production bears fruit with poignant performances in acting both taut and nuanced including Kleppinger's gently maternal Sarah." - A Giant Arc in the Skyspace of Directions

"Kleppinger, the radiant star of Adelines Play and In the Company of Jane Doe, brings depth and an aching beauty to the role of Sarah... there are laughs aplenty, and with the rich, textured performances of the plays five leads, there are moments when A Giant Arc truly touches the heart." - A Giant Arc in the Skyspace of Directions


"Coco Kleppinger as Allie is strong and charming. A woman caught in a torturous triangle, she finds escape through Quixotic wishing to shake off the world as easily as Arthur. Kleppinger is fiery and beautiful and forges a unique and touching relationship with Arthur." - Quixotic

Director's Reviews

"One of the most focused and prepared actresses I've ever had the pleasure of working with! Coco is passionate and unafraid, and her work reflects that." - Efrain Schunior

"Kleppinger brought to the set a natural ease that inspired others and made the job of directing her a lot more about pushing the boundaries than trying to keep up. Every directors dream." - Mike Provost